Anthony Wilson RIP (1950 – 2007)

I haven’t blogged enough recently, but the terrible news about my hero Anthony Wilson, has spurred me to do just that. He was the 4th most important name in 20th Century British music…

Anthony Wilson as played by Steve Coogan in the film 24 Hour Party People

I’ll blog about some of Tony Wilson’s best acts later, but for now all I can say that it’s tragic how young he died, but that in his short time he probably did more to change British music than anyone other than The Beatles, David Bowie & The Sex Pistols; by founding Factory Records and giving a home to Joy Division, New Order & many others, he more or less shaped the British indie scene for the next 20 odd years – no Anthony Wilson, no Oasis, simple as that.

Here’s a video of one his finest acts, and the band that truly changed my life, The Happy Mondays.

Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People

Anthony H. Wilson obituary by Paul Morley

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