Andy Smith Releases Document 4 On SoundCloud

Andy Smith’s Essential Selection mix for Radio 1 is one of my favourite ever DJ sets. Almost as good is his mix album The Document, which led to a number of sequels. And now, years after it first came out, he’s uploaded what would have been Document 4 to SoundCloud so that anyone can have a listen to a previously unreleased masterpiece.

In Smith’s own words:

Delivered to Universal records in 2008 to be released as a double pack CD with Document 1 & 4 (to celebrate 10 years since Document 1) but it never came out – I think Universal just wanted to sell the Amy Winehouse CD to every human being on the planet and couldn’t really be arsed about anything else but hey, thats major labels for you! Its been sitting on my harddrive for 3 years so you may as well hear it.

Smith’s mixes are almost instantly recognisable, so if you like the Document 4, why not head over to Andy Smith’s site and actually pay for some of his music.

And now, because you really shouldn’t need a reason, the 1st track from Andy Smith’s Document 4 mix, LL Cool J’s incredible Mama Said Knock You Out

Documents by Jeremy Keith on flickr

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